Best business checking accounts available

A business checking account should be affordable and in line with the budgets of the business. If a business checking account is chosen without proper analysis of the business and the limitations set by the bank, there will be an unnecessary charge of the excess fee over various services which if unconsidered could over shoot the budget. It is vital to know the current scenario of the offers available and make a decision accordingly. Here is a list of some of the best business checking accounts available:

  • Citizens bank stands as one of the best available options as it charges neither a monthly maintenance fee nor does it require you to maintain a minimum account balance. There is a limit of 200 transactions per month post which you could incur an additional fee for each transaction. The bank has over a thousand branches and over 3000 ATMs in the country. It also allows you to provide access to your account by someone who could be handling it for you.
  • US bank also doesn’t charge a maintenance fee. However, the free transaction per month, in this case, is restricted to 150. The bank has more than 3000 branches spread in the Eastern half of the US. It is ideal for new businesses, given the low transaction number per month.
  • Capital One charges no sort of monthly maintenance fee just like the above two banks. However, there are pros and cons to this bank. Capital One has no limit for transactions. This is very beneficial for people who handle finances on a very large scale. However, the branches and ATMs of this bank are relatively less in number. So, this can be chosen when one prefers to handle the account virtually.
  • BBVA compass also doesn’t charge any monthly maintenance fee, nor does it have a minimum balance requirement. However, to open the account in this bank, a minimum of $100 is necessary. Any combination of about 2-5 checks or withdrawals can be processed before an extra fee gets charged.